Bathroom Extractor Fan Installation


All Prices Are Indicative Only And Will Vary Depending On Site Conditions & Scope.

Hall Electrical specialise in ceiling fan installations!

This quote is based on our 150mm fan designed for standard bathrooms with the ducting extracting through the soffit.
Our installation will include the following:
Supply and installation of a 150mm ceiling fan to come on with light.
Supply and installation of all wiring up to 10 meters from an approved point of supply.

This quote is for single homes only. Additional cots may apply for working in heights.
24 month warranty on the fan and installation.
Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

This quote is based on the assumption that all exiting wiring is in good condition and will pass all tests. Conditions apply.

Fan over bath or shower would be additional $ 58.00 + GST
Fan to come on with separate light switch would be an additional $98.00 + GST

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Supply and installation of STANDARD 150mm ceiling / wall fan to come on with light.

Ducting and grill for the soffit.

Up to 10 meters of wiring.

Connection and test.

Certificate of compliance.

Excluded from this quote:

Any repairs on existing wiring.

We are assuming that all the existing point of supply is complaint, conditions may apply.

We are assuming their is sufficient ceiling space and soft fit  for installation.

This doesn’t allow for installation over the shower or bath

Any additional meterage of cabling required will be charged at a fixed rate of $ 25 / meter which will include the supply of product and time required.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions Apply